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Friday, April 3, 2009


Suddenly i fell my life is so empty.

Like a huge bos surrounded by thousands of thorn.
Why?! Why?!
Oh my God, why this could be happen to me?
God, plzz show me a direction.
A truth direction.
I loose my faith. My strength.
Lost in between past and future.
What am i gonna do?
I'm just a pieces of human being whose trying to get a life.
A real life by myself instead i can't.
Dear god, for once in my life.
Give me a chance to get rid of it!


wawabescoot said...

zyra : Yeah cool kan?
from "Mocca , I remember".

Accually this song dah lame dah.

zyra said...

sgt cool!
jatuh chenta dgr lagu turhh...

thx dear...