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Friday, May 15, 2009

#tag version: I want my real happiness!

1.Would you like get back with your ex?

Perlukah kita menagih pada yg sudah tiada?? So i ask u back!

2.What colour shirt are you wearing now?

Hitam itu menawan, ngee~ Sebenarnya tuk mnampakkn daku kurus.. lalala~

3.Would you like to kiss anyone on your friend list?
Hmm,motif? Nope larrhh~ I dont have any feeling... Empty.

4.Do you have a 'thing' for someone on your friend list?

Maybe, jz wait till im back from Beijing.

5.How many people on your top list do you know in the real life?

1, 2, 3, 4, n many more la......

6.How many kids do you want to have?
Kalau boleyh maen pilih2, nk 3. Muat la seat keta kt belakang.

7.Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
Yups, sgt good good good wif my mom. My dad pown good jugak!

8.What name do you want beside the one you have now?

Act, im proud to be myself. Even aku neyh mcm2.

9.Would you make up with someone of the same sex?

10.What did you do on your last besday?
Dinner at TGI Friday. *19 June*

11.What your main ringtone on your phone now?

Single Ladies by Beyonce

12.What time did you wake up today?
Malu ar nk btau, lewat dowh! ngee~

13.What were you doing two nights ago?
Online and thinking of him. (ngee~ cm everynyte je wat benda alah neyh)

14.Do you like having your hair pulled?

Cam sedap lg nikmat ja.

15.Name something you can't wait todo?

Dis coming 29May. Beijing, here i come!

16.Last time you saw your mom?
1 second ago, ngee~ My mom ada kt hall turh, watching tv.

17.What is one thing would you like to change about yourself?

Stop pretend to be happy. I want my real happiness!

18.If you have $250,000, what would you do with it?

Shopping!! Kasik kt parents gie Mekah. Saving for my future.

19.How long have you work for your current job?
Not yet
. Searching~

20.Have you ever talked to Tom?
Tom? Tom Tom Bak? Atau kucing sebelah rumah? ngee~

21.Describe the underwear you have on?

Errr, apa jenis soklankah ini? Perlukah djwab? lalala~

22.Last thing you ate?
Buah pelam+kuah rojak. Sgt sedap~

23.What's your favourite month?
June! My besday on 19 June, ngee~ Promote! Nk adiah...

24.What's your least favourite?


25.What is the last pieces of clothing someone borrowed from you?
My cadigen.

26.Who is getting on your nerve right now?

Hmm, what is done is done. Ignore~

27.Most visited webpage?

Promote! .z.y.r.a.
.miSz indEpEndeNt. .tHe giRL naMED ZYRA.

28.The last person text message you?

Mohd Saiful b Mahathir.

Kamu kamu kamu, sila copy edit n boleyh agaknya letak dlm belog kamu. Selamat menjawab!

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