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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I want? I want you to say!!

Say you love me, then put it in a love song~
Say you need me, then write it in a letter for me~
Say you want me, then text me on the cell phone~

If you say you want me, if you do the right thing, we can be together!!
If you really need me like you say, you better show me something!!
You better come and say you need me~!!

What you gonna do when somebody commences??
Believe that he can do it better, send me gifts and show me the romance.. Can you do better??

All I'm saying is love is what I'm looking for!
If you wanna keep me, please gotta love me more~
If you really want and need me, you better come and say!!

If you want me baby, work it out!!
If you need me baby, work it out!!
You must work it out~

If you want my love and all my time, being part of my plans and part of my mind. All of the things that you wanna do, but make sure your love for me's true to you!!

If you show me, believe me it will so many possibilities. We can look to infinity~

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