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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Disadvantages of Facebook

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Tudiaa~ Tadi dok cari 'Disadvantages of Competency-Based Structure' sebenarnya. Pasai tadi semangat nak wat assignment Compensation berkobar-kobar setelah mengenal pasti due date assignment turhh jumaat neyh.

Masa dok menelaah segala macam disadvantages pasai turhh, tetiba cik xira ternampak google suggestion pasai 'Disadvantages of Facebook'. Apa lagi?? Click tengok, then scroll smpai ke bawah naaa.

Banyak juga hasil penulisan yang cik xira temui, tapi cik xira betul-betul berminat nak kongsi yang ini. Jom tengok~

  • Affecting Relationships

Talk about long distance relationships, Facebook would be the one answer friends, family and lovers can count on. Though conducted on a distance, the system can still connect relationships right that very moment. But because relationships are built and strengthened just because of an Internet site, it tends to become weaker and it supports less emotional and most especially physical contact. Some relationships tumble down due to facts like these.

  • Affecting Emotions
Because Facebook adapts a free-flowing information environment, some uses it to target on other's emotional depression. Others send out procrastination just to bring down a specific person or even bully a student in the lower years. Targeting the emotions may cause a negative attitude towards a person's social relationship, physical activity, and academic issues.

  • Affecting Industry
Even if the system overflows with so much advantages that one can be joyful of, there are still numbers of flaws that one can pinpoint. Internet industry is greatly affected by sites popping out to render a technical community. This is where the rivalry starts. The crowding is also becoming an issue. The program is considered as a negative diversion especially to the schooling industry, affecting students to divert their attention.

  • Affecting Privacy
Cyber stalking is one thing. Barging into someone's privacy is another. Come to think about it, cyber stalking and invading one's privacy goes hand in hand. A person who is engaged in cyber stalking tends to know everything about a person and uses it first hand. A lot of a user's personal information is so accessible that almost everyone, even those who know you but you don't know of, can view it.

  • Time Consuming

Most people find after becoming a Facebook member that interaction tends to become time consuming. If you are hard-pressed for time, it's important to set time limits for yourself or you'll likely find it's highly possible to lose valuable time that could have been more productive elsewhere. The time consuming aspect of Facebook doesn't have to be a problem as long as you don't let it and stay in control.

  • Facebook Addiction

Some people find once they've become immersed in the Facebook culture they become addicted. Depending on your perspective, spending too much time on a single website with nothing else to show at the end of the day may be a huge disadvantage. Many find once they log into Facebook and begin poking around profiles, walls, groups, applications and the plethora of other activities Facebook offers, hours have gone by. This can become a problem in one's personal or professional life if the time spent on Facebook begins to take hold of one's life. For those who are prone to log-in constantly all day long to check out what's happening in their circle of Facebook friends, this may become problematic, especially if feeds are sent to e-mail and cell phones with new updates that make constant log-ins compulsory. A Facebook addiction can be construed as a disadvantage because of inordinate amounts of time spent on the website and self-imposed time limits aren't set. It's important to recognize the addiction signs so a Facebook membership doesn't become a problem.

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