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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

do lurve each other!!

If you were mine
I'd be your everything
And you'd be the only thing
That I would ever need

If you were mine
I would tell everyone
That you are the only one
That I could ever want

Everything I dream about
Everything I talk about
One thing I can't live without
I wanna get closer to you
Can't stand being far away
Knowing that you don't feel the same way
Watching them bring tears to your eyes

All the words I sing about
All the letters I'd write about
Only thing I wanna hear about
So then I get closer to you
I know there's someone else
That he is only thinking of himself
Doesn't make any sense
For you to be lonely

Let me be the one you share your hopes and dreams
And never be alone again 'cause I will hold you endlessly
Please don't be afraid to let your broken heart guide you
Into these open arms that long to surround you

Dear, i do lurve u! Please maafkan semua salah i. Kenapa kita perlu begini? Kenapa? Runtuhkanlah semua jurang ini, please~ i beg u! please.....

I really need u! And u oredy noe who you are..

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